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Holding in Beijer Electronics Group sold

In April 2019 Stena Sessan AB sold the holding in Beijer Electronics Group to Stena Adactum AB for a total amount of 450 MSEK.


Mylan NV remaining shares sold

In March 2019 Stena Sessan AB sold the remaining shares in Mylan NV since the Meda transaction for a total value of 1,7 bn SEK.


Stena Sessan Investment AB aquire half a million shares in Scandic Hotels

On the 15th of August Stena Sessan Investment AB aquired half a million shares in the hotel chain Scandic Hotels. With this aquistion Stena owns approx. 16 million shares, equivalent to an ownership of 15,6%.


Stena Fastigheter sells properties to Stena Sessan

Stena AB announces that Stena Fastigheter has agreed to sell properties in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Uppsala to Stena Sessan. The total real estate value amounts to SEK 6.8 billion, and the major part of the sale will be effective by mid-year 2018. Stena Fastigheter will continue to manage these properties as they do for other properties owned by related companies.

“It is positive that the family continues to maintain its investment in real estate while Stena Fastigheter will continue to manage the portfolio. The outcome also means that we release liquidity of approximately SEK 4 billion into the Stena AB Group ” says Christel Armstrong Darvik, CEO Stena Fastigheter.