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Concordia Maritime

Concordia Maritime is an international tanker line, focusing on the safe, sustainable and reliable transportation of refined petroleum products, chemicals and vegetable oils. The company’s share has been delisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange Small Cap list in February 2024.

The fleet consists of product and oil tankers, and the company bases its operations on long-term customer relationships. Its vision is to always be the first choice, and to be a business partner in tanker shipping. The shore-based organisation consists of only three individuals. Through close cooperation with partners in the Stena Sphere in particular, the company has access to world-leading expertise in the many facets of shipping: from shipbuilding and staffing, to technical operations, chartering and commercial operations.

Head office: Gothenburg
CEO: Martin Nerfeldt
Chair of the Board: Stefan Brocker
Sales: 243 MSEK
Employees: 3
Stena Sessan’s holding: 95.7 %
Investment year: 2002
Responsible for investment: Karl Swartling
Website :