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A3P Biomedical

A3P Biomedical specialises in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics with the main product Stockholm3, providing a more precise test and clearer results for the patient. The company’s mission is to improve quality of life of men by radically increasing the precision in prostate cancer diagnostics.

Stockholm3 combines protein markers, genetic markers, clinical data, and a proprietary algorithm, in order to predict the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The test has been developed by scientists at Karolinska Institutet and validated in clinical studies encompassing more than 75 000 men. Studies have shown that Stockholm3 find a significantly higher share of aggressive prostate cancer while reducing the amount of unnecessary biopsies in comparison to current practice the PSA test. Today the test has replaced PSA at several leading Nordic healthcare providers.

Head office: Stockholm
CEO: David Rosén
Employees: 30
Stena Sessan’s holding: ~8 %
Investment year: 2022
Responsible for investment: Fredrik Konopik
Website : www.a3p.com/en