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Stena Sessan Fastighets AB

Stena Sessan Fastighets AB owns and manages almost 5,000 rental apartments totalling about 300,000 square metres in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Uppsala. Through innovative new construction and the renovation of its existing portfolio, Stena Sessan Fastighets AB wants to help shape tomorrow’s housing.

The property portfolio is based on long-term, sustainable ownership. Through its rental model, Stena Sessan Fastighets AB develops and leases out attractive residential and commercial environments. The objective is to always be the tenant’s first choice.

Stena Sessan Fastighets AB’s property portfolio is managed by Stena Fastigheter AB, which is engaged in a large number of social projects and activities to create secure, stable and pleasant living environments. Its social sustainability initiatives have garnered awards such as “Framtidsindex” (Future Index) and “Årets Fastighetsbolag” (Real Estate Company of the Year).

For questions regarding invoicing, please contact Stena Fastigheter through this link (in Swedish only).

Head office: Gothenburg
CEO: Kim Olsson
Employees: 1
Stena Sessan’s holding: 100 %
Investment year: 2018
Responsible for investment: Karl Swartling
Website :